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It’s not cheap travelling on Singapore Air though, but the trick is to look out for deals when they come.

In general, SIA flights are comfortable, seats with adjustable headrest, individual entertainment system and great services. (I must say my overnight flight to Sydney on SIA was pretty bad, the stewardess were grumpy, and didn’t try to talk to passengers like most flights. When asked for water, we get very curt replies! The flight was full and full of babies, but still, I think they can afford a smile when we asked nicely!)

For babies, you do need to pay a fraction of the price for our air tickets on international flights, although we hardly take up any space (and not get a seat)!

In my bassinet, enjoying my dinner or lunch or breakfast….

Empty Flights  – Book a flight that’s less full. Usually the morning flights on Monday are full of corporate bigwigs and smallwigs. Obviously long weekends, school holidays will tend to have more kids onboard.

An empty flight is just more comfortable with more space to stretch and even an extra seat for babies like me, who don’t have one!

Renee on a plane with her own seat

I got my own seat!

Business Class  – Too expensive? If you have extra mileage points from your flying, why not take the chance for a upgrade to business class, especially on long haul flights!

With the flatbed in business class, babies like me will find it much easier to sleep compared to the bassinet, which can hard fit a baby inside!

Renee enjoying business class

Me enjoying business class and my plate of fruits!

You get to of course, disturb the corporate bigwigs who thinks business class is safe from crying kids. hahaha…

Upgrades – A lot of people ask me how do you get an upgrade on planes. Well, on SIA, it’s almost impossible unless you know the pilot or the lead steward or stewardess. I think it’s much easier on other airlines!

Presents – You get what you paid for right? Usually they have a lot of goodies for kids. (I didn’t get any on my Sydney trip though!) Here are SOME of the loots that the kind uncles and aunties gave me.

Well, you can be “thick-skinned” and ask from them. But just be friendly and I am sure they will be more than happy to give you some! For me, I perform some magic for them and be cute, and viola… here’s what I got (mostly on my USA trip):

Cools things I got from the friendly aunt and uncles!

Presents I got on SIA flights!

There is something for everyone! I even saw that they have Cluedo card game for older kids and families! (Yes, it’s a secret, don’t tell anyone!)

Food– You can request for special food when you buy the tickets. (eg. no salt) SIA usually have the Heinz puree for babies, which unfortunately I don’t quite like. I love fruits and rice! They usually have fruits for meals. If there isn’t, they will have some on business class or as snacks for long haul flights!(correct me if I am wrong!) You can actually ask for them for it. Just be general, rather than demand:”By any chance you have any fruits for my little one?”

Renee drinking water

Get a kids’ cup with straw from the friendly stewardess to minimise spills!

Want a trick to get business class food? If you want to risk receiving vegetarian, you can try saying you don’t eat the meats that is available! What are the chances! (no guarantees, so don’t blame me if you get something worse!)

Beef Kway Teow

What do business class eat?

Be nice to people, and they will be nice to you! Remember the stewardesses and stewards are on the plane to help you, not serve you! 🙂