Frankly, after my travels around the world, I always feel that Singapore’s transport system is one of the best! It’s not as old as New York’s subway which is filled with litter, graffiti, and rust everywhere! It’s more frequent than Australia’s. It’s not as expensive as Europe’s. Not as crowded as Japan’s. We don’t have as much jam like in Bangkok. We don’t need to climb on the roof of trains and buses to get a seat like in India!

See the peeling walls and gum ‘plastered’ floor of New York subway?

Yes, there are breakdowns on our MRT, but breakdowns is like part of everyday life in other subway too! Of course, the minister cannot say that or else they will be trashed by netizen right?

Our transport minister has always been trying to think of ways to make public transport more affordable. After studying other countries’ transport system, my suggestion is to have the 1-month-pass for unlimited rides available to everyone! Think of the advantages:

  • Of course, this will make transport affordable for the regular users!
  • With the pass, because one can use it on weekends too. More reason to leave your car at home!
  • Now, it’s more attractive to stay further out away from the city, now that cost of public transport is not a factor? (Ok ok, This point is not that strong. But with housing price increasing, every cent counts right?)
Shorter days passes can be made available too.
What’s stopping our government? People abusing it.
Maybe we can convert our IC into an EZlink pass? The more practical way is to just let people be… sometimes there is no perfect solution but at least I think my idea works.