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Our hotel is in Brooklyn so naturally, one of our first stop is a walking tour of Brooklyn!

First thing is to get a good map for walking tours. Mark out the places that you want to go and tada!

Juniors! A tradition Brooklyn restaurant that one must go!

We started our journey at Juniors restaurant! It’s a very Brooklyn-style American restaurant and the cheesecakes are a must-try. Daddy’s friend, Momoya, an artist base in NY also recommends the ruben sandwich.

Strawberry Shortcake and Original Cheese Cake! Die Die Must try!

It’s old-style decor really makes you feel you are in Brooklyn! I had so much fun there with my new friend, Gen!

After your meal, you can walk along Fulton Street, towards Borough Hall for some shopping (yahoo! mummy’s favourite!)

A nice walk from Juniors along Fulton St

But don’t miss the magnificent century old Chase Bank building! Daddy’s favourite. Daddy has a knack for old things, he says that’s why he fell in love with mummy.

A very old Chase Bank building, just behind Juniors.

Beautiful isn’t it? They don’t make ceilings like they do in the past!

Borough Hall used to be the old city hall, another one of those old buildings. There was some performances outside when we were there. Good chance for everyone to rest their feet.

Borough Hall

If you are game, you can continue walking towards Northeast to DUMBO. We took a subway and walk the rest. I brought Daddy and Mummy for lunch at the Grimaldi’s Pizza, very old pizza place in Brooklyn.

Interior of Grimaldi’s Pizza

Usually, you have to wait in line just to get a seat. Due to Renee’s luck, we went in without having to queue despite lunchtime!

You can choose the ingredient you want for your pizza. It uses the traditional wood fire oven to cook the pizza. Even Ms Obama loves it! I wasn’t allowed to eat it though. (Yeah, not even a slice despite the size, which comes in 2 sizes.)

Daddy’s verdict on the pizza: It’s good for that price but definitely not the best pizza he has ever tasted. (about $18 depending on the number of ingredients.) If there’s no queue, he will gladly take it, but to wait an hour, nah.

From Grimaldi’s Pizza, walk towards the Brooklyn Bridge Parkto digest your food. Just enter from a small opening beside the eatery. There’s a carousel for the kids. (Kids my age don’t need to pay, in case they ask you to get extra tickets)

Brooklyn Bridge Park

You can walk south for Brooklyn Ice Cream factory for desserts. It boasts of using the best ingredient made in a traditional way. The streets nearby are also interesting with a famous chocolate shop, pie restaurant and art galleries.

Brooklyn Ice Cream factory

You can also catch a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty from here. Of course, it has a nice view of the Manhattan! Walk along the park for a good stroll and you can get up onto Brooklyn Bridge on Washington Street.

Nice view of Manhattan!

The walk across the bridge takes about 20min but view is definitely worth it!

On Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

Hope you enjoy my recommendations on DUMBO, Brooklyn! Enjoy your trip!


Up next: Other places in Brooklyn!