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Ok ok. Some people think the last post on my advice was too harsh. Here’s some more tips for parents who insist on driving in other countries:

  1. Plan your route: Nothing is worst than getting stressed up with trying to find your way around when you are lost. Know where the rest stops for the drivers as well as the kids to rest.
  2. Get a GPS: If you are renting a car, asking them to throw in the GPS is probably the next best thing you can do.
  3. Have more than 1 driver: Driving overseas can be really tiring, especially if you have kids and babies in tow! Imagine you have to wake up in the middle of the night to change my diapers and then drive for hours the next day. Fatigue will set in and murks your judgement on the road! Singapore is small and you can get from one end to the other, before I can even finish my baby bites. Other countries may require you to be on the road for like 3-4 hours and you may not be used to it.
  4. Keep to your speed limits: In Singapore, you get a 10km/hr allowance if you overshoot the speed limits. However, other countries may not be that lax about it. I speak from experience because my uncle was caught in Australia and New Zealand speeding. Fines were imposed (no 2nd chance for tourists!) and he was banned from driving in the latter! Countries set the speed limit for a good reason. There may not be as many cars in other countries as in Singapore, it doesn’t mean you can speed.
  5. Weather: There can be very extreme weather or cross winds in other countries, unlike Singapore. So be aware of them and slow down if necessary.
  6. Defensive Driving: There are courses available on this I think. It teaches you how to react to certain situations and be always ready to react.
  7. Animals: I asked my mates in Australia what to do when animals suddenly run out in front of you. They say, slow down and stop in the safest possible way without endangering other vehicles.
  8. Left hand or right hand drive: Drivers usually driving on the right hand side tend to keep too much to the right when driving on the left hand side. Start slow on a quiet street or carparks to test your limits first.
  9. Choose a car that you are familiar with.
  10. Keep the kids occupied: The last thing you want is to be distracted by your kids quarreling. Give them something to do during the long rides. See my post on how to occupy them.

Hope you enjoy my 10 tips! Comments if you have more!