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I must still say Bangkok has lots to offer! Other than temples…

Shopping for Toys! For Singaporeans like me, with the strong Singdollar, it’s attractive to shop in Thailand now!

Shopping there is a must. There’s so many Singaporeans there just for shopping that it seems almost the whole of Singapore descended upon Bangkok just for the shopping. I even overheard a 1st time visitor to Bangkok comment, “No wonder we need 7 days!” Another says, “My strategy is to see see on the first day and I will buy later.” MBK and Platinum are my parents favourite because it’s near our regular hotel, Pathuwnum Princess.

Unique button shoes at MBK! I like the fact it encourages people to take photo! Doing it can only help promote the shop and products isn’t it? Why do shops want to say no to photography??

Bargain is must at almost all places, especially smaller shops. How to bargain:

  1. Ask for price.
  2. Give a shocking face.
  3. Punch in half the price in the calculator.
  4. They will say no and ask what is the best price you can offer.
  5. If you are confident, you can maintain that price, if not raise a little to be nice.
  6. They will say no and counteroffer a higher price.
  7. Pretend to walk away.
  8. They will pull you back for the sale.
  9. You will tempted to want to compare prices. Well, then you realise that you could have paid lower elsewhere. What good does it do? 🙂

Dragging mummy to shopping!

Do ask if there’s any discounts. For instance, Daddy’s favourite shop, Loft at Discover Centre has 10% discount for foreigners. Just show your passport. Loft has so many creative Bangkok designed stuff that I wonder why Singapore doesn’t have something so similar. (Because we don’t have a major manufacturing facilities like Bangkok, Daddy says. Daddy, can you don’t interrupt my blog too much.)

Another place that you must visit is Chatuchak weekend market! It’s so big, you will get lost… and very hot in it. It has everything and anything you will probably need. The only problem is that most of the stalls opens on Saturday and Sunday. Check website for details.

Playing at Pathunwan Princess

Pathuwnam Princess is my parents favourite hotel in Bangkok. It’s clean, friendly, has free slow wifi, and relatively kid friendly. There’s a bathtub and removable shower head which was seriously lacking on our USA trip (and made bathing me very difficult.) I love playing on the softbed and lights. Location is great!

love, Renee…