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Despite being only 14 months, this is my 2nd time in the city of smiles, city of angels, land of temples, etc.

Here’s some my comments on Bangkok:

Firstly, taxis. The situation now is a lot better compared to “last time” (read long long time ago in before daddy and mummy know each other). In the old Don Muang airport, it’s a little messy with everyone wanting you to take their “extortion” taxis. Now, there’s only 1 authorised “extortion” taxi stand. Well, that’s their limo service but I feel that it’s not much better than the usual taxi. Why? Because the limo is little old, much like the normal taxi. The limo is not those fancy brands, but very normal brands. But you can choose the taxi size type, depending on pricing. The price to pay? It’s about 3-4 times more than the usual taxi. You can bargain too.

Always insist on using the meters. If not, you will be overcharged many times!

Yes, the jams can get quite bad in Bangkok so taking the subway (BTS) may not be that bad, especially during peak hours.

Kids-friendly? Nah. Not even close. With the crazy hell driving taxis, pollution, lack of kids attractions, crazy nightlife and non-existence of nursing rooms & infant-diaper changing stations, it’s probably not the best place to bring your kids. I don’t think babies and kids are that interested in temples and shopping. Even most of the hotels and restaurants high chairs usually don’t have a belt!

“I like fishes… but I think sharks are not fishes!”

However, that is changing, I hope. There’s an aquarium call Siam OceanWorld at Paragon and Kidzania also at the same mall opening in Oct 2012. There’s also a Madam Tussauds at Siam Discovery Centre. I think it’s surprising with the lack of kids facilities that the economy depends a lot on tourism.

Toilet. Other than the non-existence of nappy changing station, Daddy told me that he was surprised that they stationed a lady in almost every gents! 🙂

“We met Britney Spears in Bangkok.”

People here are generally friendly! But beware there is always some black horses out there! Enjoy yourself in Bangkok.