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eeekk… I know it’s been a long time since I wrote. Things got a little busy, apparently, mummy and daddy say that I am going to have new company soon.


I went on a cruise last week from Singapore! it’s a long time since mummy went on it, 13 years since daddy work on it. (My dad performed magic on the cruise.)

I will attempt to give some of my opinions on travelling on Superstar Virgo.

Let’s look at it from a practical perceptive: Other than the casino, all the other activities like swimming, shows, food, you probably can get it on land too. So if you are going on the cruise to experience something different, I guess it’s probably not the best place. But if you are the kind that love the sea, want a relaxing time reading a book on the deck, enjoy time with your love ones, that will be great!

Activities: Lots of activities it offers, from the basketball, swimming, minigolf, One of the gems that we found was karaoke. If you are into singing, you can sing endlessly! You get a private room for free, just order the drinks and food, which is quite ermm… expensive. But if you have dining credits in your card, I think it’s fun activity to enjoy with everyone!

The popular activities like swimming tend to be very crowded so you can select times when people are less likely to do them. (eg. once you board the ship)

Up-selling: That’s what it is all about! From the moment you board the ship, you will already feel how they try to upsell by asking you to take photos of the mascot. There’s like magic workshop that you can take part in, at a cost, of course (and they don’t say it in their announcement.) Even photo taking with the stars of the show, they do not allow your own cameras. But there’s no hardselling so it’s fair!Image

Shows: I heard that the shows on Starcruises aren’t as “world class” as the US/European cruiselines like Royal Carribean because it is after all a “gambling” ship. Of course, it is not as “casino-y” as those ships that only focus on gambling.

Service: In general it’s good. The only complain by my daddy was that when he brought out a dirty plate from the karaoke room, the staff outside looked at him and summon another person to come and collect. The person should have take the plate from my daddy, instead of letting my daddy standing there holding the plate.

Finding your way around: It’s big, but not that big! Just remember what;s the level and the whether it’s the front, middle or the back to find your way around.

Food: Don’t expect Michelin star food here. But they will feed you well, very well. There’s like breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner, supper. There are 3 venues offering free food and many others if you choose to pay for them.


Gambling: Well, daddy’s advice: Think about how much you can lose and go out and have fun!

Land cruise: I guess that’s the most fun part of the cruise where you get to see something different. Depending on the type of land cruise, you can actually group together, rent a van to go somewhere which have more freedom and probably cheaper than the tours you booked with Starcruises.


Tips: Get the Star Navigator to see what is in store everyday and the list of activities available. If you are travelling on the 4-day cruise, register for the Captain’s dinner early. If you want to be early for the land tour, get the sticker for the early timing for the boat early.

My verdict? Go with the company you love and enjoy a relaxing time with your love ones.