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How much will you pay for a Las Vegas magic show? Singapore dollars $70 (US$50)?

In China, you can get to see International magic acts for RMB200 + RMB30 (about S$40) and that includes the price of a theme park!


As of 2017, this yearly event, happening from 1 to 7 October, is held at the Happy Valleys in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai as well as Chongqing. (A smaller version in Shenzhen.)


Magicians at the opening ceremony for the media.

I am fortunate to be part of the inaugural Magic Festival in Chongqing.

The line-up includes FISM (Olympics of magic) award winning of magic, Utopia:


Amazing magic of Jorgos from Greece:


Quick hands of Jordon Gomez from France (another FISM winner)


Creative Magic of Alena from Germany


Physical comedy of Derek Scotts (you may have seen him as the clown in Slava’s snow show.)


There are also many magicians around the world throughout the day at different parts of the theme park!

There were different roving magicians from Malaysia, Hong Kong, China and Macau.


Underground magician Zamm from Guangzhou! He is so good!

There are Parlour shows from International magicians like Dave Lord from Australia:


Children magician, Mr Bottle from Singapore (looks familiar?):


Lots of interaction with the children with the magic of Mr Bottle

So if you happen to be in these cities, do yourself a favour and go for this amazing event! You are most welcome…


If you happen to be in Chongqing Happy Valley, you may just find our magical handprints there.