For all kids friendly hotel, there must be a kids-club right? If you stay at Legoland Hotel, not only the room is fun, there are also lots of activities lined up for the children too!

legoland hotelThe first great experience is the door lady (usually) who opens the door for you with a smile! (from the carpark)

Firstly, at the lobby, you will find lots of Lego!


A giant lego castle which children can run around inside! Too bad that it’s only one level!

My kids and I can spend the whole day building things with the bricks so this is great!

There’s this other play area which has X box as well as giant lego bricks.


Decided to make a balloon sculpture of a Lego Mini figurine to challenge myself

There are character appearances and movie screening.


There are also Lego building activities. the previous time the children made Ninjago and Dragon and were rewarded with a certificate as well as keychain if they are the first to finish! I was amazed how R was so dedicated to complete the ninjago for an hour! (Adults weren’t allowed to help!)

This time round, the staff were late (11:05am) and we almost thought there were any activities. This time, they had to make a turtle and given just a certificate. Still educational and happy that R managed to make without much help!


There used to be a storytelling, but this time, there are magic performance instead, although it’s not Mr Bottle but I think it’s still great!


Magic by Daniel Loo

If your lego design is good enough, they will display them on the wall of fame for a while… mine was the Santa…


The kids also love the pool, which unfortunately was closed this time. (re-opens around late Nov 2017) There are Lego bricks! Challenge yourself to make a floating throne! Here are some photos of the previous pool trip:

There are lots of Lego displays everywhere so lots of photo points around.


I love the BIG mini-fig! Don’t get caught!

Overall, Legoland Hotel gets a 9.5 out of 10 for the overall activities as well as the in-theme score! Beyond expectations!

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