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Did you know that there are Hello Kitty themed rooms at Hotel Jen in Johor Bahru Malaysia?

I didn’t.

We decided to go check it out.


We were greeted with this at the lobby! Looks comfy and pretty empty most of the time. Nice touch…


We booked the Oz room. There are different themes of Hello Kitty but we are not really fans of Hello Kitty so it didn’t matter that much.


The rooms are at one corner of the hotel. Other then wallpapers like this outside, no other hello Kitty items are here.


Rooms are clean like any Hotel Jen standard.


…cushions are themed too…

Maybe I was comparing their rooms with Legoland Hotel’s so maybe these rooms fell a little short of my expectations.

There isn’t any kiddy bathrobes and slippers (non-themed adults slippers were sent in later in our Hello Kitty amenities bag; apparently, guests who stay in the room will get a bag like this containing Hello Kitty laundry bag, Hello Kitty cookies and a nice pink themed bag.)

The rooms aren’t built and designed with children in mind too. (Surprising since there is a Hello Kitty town and Thomas Train town just downstairs. It seemed to be themed after an afterthought. BUT then, I guess there are many adults who like Hello Kitty, not just kids so maybe it is a little unfair for me to say this.) The basin are adult height. Maybe if the hotel knew children are checking in, small details like stool would be great.(most hotels don’t that; I am slightly more stringent on themed hotels.)

The notepad, pens, toiletries, etc are not themed. If I were the hotelier, I would think that maybe getting the purchasing department to get existing licensed items like notepads, pencils or cups would be great, and make a difference to the whole experience.

Maybe Hotel Jen can include items like coloring sheets or activity sheet to make the room more interactive without the worry needing extra manpower to do that. (they can even find existing ones.)

Imagine, complete the colouring and get a Hello Kitty gift from the front desk; simple to implement but make a lot of difference and add a lot of fun element to the families checking in.

My take is that with the Hello Kitty rooms costing much more than the normal ones, unless you are a die-hard Hello Kitty fan, you are better off saving that money to buy some Hello Kitty toys at the gift shop downstairs.

My Score? 6.5/10.