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I don’t think I am exaggerating when I say Xiamen is the cleanest and greenest city in China. Modeled after Singapore, it is like a garden city in China. The air is clean, the service is good (maybe because it is near Taiwan), there are family-friendly places like resorts and beaches.

Here are the recommended trips to take:

Day 1: Zhongshan Road

Day 1: Zhongshan Road – If you only have half a day, then you should visit Zhongshan Road. This is the shopping belt of Xiamen in which you can also see old Colonial Buildings.

Day 2:  Xiamen University

Xiamen university

North Gate of Xiamen University

Day 2:  Xiamen University – You should spend at least 1 day in this area. (If you feel 1 day is too tight, you can combine it with Zhongshan Road; about 10min away.) See the next post for the recommended route of the university as well the following sights:

  • Nanputuo  – One of China’s most famous temple. You can hike up the hill for a view of the city or eat vegetarian food there.
  • Xiamen Huandao Road or Xiamen Islet Ring Road  – Sandy beach in the area.
  • Zeng Cuo An village – An old street town with lots of street food and souvenirs.
  • Shapowei – Where do the undergrads hang out?

Day 3: Gulangyu


Lin’s mansion in Gulangyu

Day 3: Gulangyu – Spend a full day here. Lots of old colonial style architecture to look at! If you have more time, stay in one of the many boutique hotels, which are refurnished from old buildings. There are sights like piano museum, parks, etc.

Day 4: Jimei Area

Day 4: Jimei Area – If you have an extra day, spend another day here to see the Tan Kah Kee-style architecture at Jimei Area. Though similar to Xiamen University, this is even grander, but outside of Xiamen Island hence not as accessible compared to the former. Ask the locals for the famous fish dish!