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This is a BIG topic so I will split this into several posts!

Other than several abandon buildings, most  are modern and like any apartment in any cities. In the famous streets, there are buildings with interesting architecture. From my analysis, there are real people staying in them, not just for show.

Everything is larger than life. Want to build something, just make them real big. For instance, in their sport village, there are buildings dedicated to each sport like weight lifting, taekwondo, swimming, table tennis and more!

The hotel, (Yanggakdo International Hotel) which I am staying in? 47 floors! More on my hotel in the next post!

Transport situation

There are more cars than I expected. In fact, a lot more. If you have read and saw that Pyongyang doesn’t have much cars, it is totally in the past. I wouldn’t have guessed this Pyongyang if I were to base my knowledge on what I read.

I asked my guide how long will it take to go to my theatre. Answer? 10min if no traffic, but about 20-30min with traffic. With traffic? You mean there’s traffic jams in here? Although, we didn’t meet with any jam, but there are indeed quite a bit of cars.

There are many taxis on the road. I took them twice, and I think I travelled about 5km and it is about US$2.

There are Chinese brands as well as Toyota cars (which they don’t like) in here. There are a few locally produced cars, according to the guide.

Streets of Pyongyang

It is actually VERY VERY safe here. I think very young kids walking by themselves along the road. I think crimes are not tolerated here.

The streets are even cleaner than Singapore. Not as many bins along the streets as Singapore. Trees lined the roads just like Singapore.

These are mostly photos taken from the airport to my hotel and from my hotel to my theatre.