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IMG20180417092631.jpgAs a theme park enthusiast, I guess I should visit one in Pyongyang…

The park, located near the Kim Il Sung Stadium and Arch of Triumph, has about 10 rides like the swinging hammer (from China), freefall, a lying down roller coaster (from Italy) as well as a arcade room. Although, comprising only of an area of 40 hectares (yes, smaller than the usual theme parks in China), the park is well maintained.

According to  my guide, people pay for each ride at $1-2 usually and of course, it’s free for us. He also mentioned there’s 5 theme parks in DPRK.


Map of the theme park

We went in the day time so there were hardly any one.

I enjoyed the bumper cars, can you imagine delegates from all over the world and Korea happily bumping into each other! Just amazing how every one has a kid in us. The barrier and any distrust, just disappeared. Priceless experience!