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The April Spring Friendship Arts Festival closing ceremony started with the speech and prize presentation. Apparently, in our 3rd show, the jury came to judge the performers.

For individuals, there’s merit, silver and gold. Everyone will receive a Diploma. No prizes if you guess what prize I got my magic…. 😛

For teams, silver, gold and a special prize created specially for the Central Ballet troop. After the interval, we were treated to selected performances from the various theatres.

After the ceremony, we were treated to dinner outside of our hotel for a change!

I had began to understand the dynamics of the festival. The team were put together from several agencies and my guide was probably a tourist guide, not from the culture ministry.

One of the directors came to ask if there is a chance for him to go to Singapore for culture exchange; he is a professional artist so he can do commission paintings for corporations, etc.


An artpiece which I like at a souvenir shop. 

I think North Korean art is semantically interesting; although there are quite some influence from external sources now, but traditional art is very interesting.