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Fantawild Dreamland located in the industrial estate of Tong An  which is ‘outside of Xiamen Island’.


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You can get slightly better priced tickets if you order online (at least 2 days in advance). We went on a weekday in June (Summer) and like any China theme park during non-peak days, it was pretty empty.

park map

We were looking for a map upon entering BUT map and showtime is only accessible via the Fangte App. Although it is difficult for foreigners who doesn’t speak English, I find this more environmentally-friendly. I took photos of the map and showtime in the park.

Fantawild is home of the Boonie bear, a popular cartoon series in China so I think the tourists here are mostly Chinese.

There are lots photo points with the Boonie Bear and friends, although I think they didn’t update some of the fibreglass statues to the latest cute version of the cartoon so some looked pretty ‘fierce’.

The live theatre show is vaguely linked to Boonie Bear, which I feel the producers should have re-written to make it more current since it is popular in China now. This can be the attraction and highlight for children!

The volume of the music is WAY too loud and cracking, so this makes it really difficult to enjoy the show. To make it even toddler-friendly, there should be a glass room which very small children can watch without all the scary noises. (So far I didn’t see any in China.)

live show

Aerial Act as part of the theatre show

The kiddos really enjoyed the low-tech kiddy rides like carousel and teacups, which are well maintained. (Upper level of the carousel is closed since the attendance that day is low.)

Foreigners may like the oriental-style buildings….

I like that the theme park incorporate Chinese culture into a few of the rides and show. The “liaozhai”, a Chinese ghost story uses a super old ‘technology’ of reflection illusion screen but works very well in context for the story.

liaoshaiStory of Liaozhai       Image: Trip Advisor

But on the other hand, my pet-peeve about this theme park and many Chinatheme parksis that many of the thrill and kiddy rides lack a storyline, unlike Universal Studios, Disneyland and Universal Studios. I have been to at least 8 different theme parks in China and most offer the same rides like flume ride, wooden coaster, top spin and frisbee ride, without a good story.  (Let’s buy in bulk, because it is cheaper!) With its strong brand of Boonie Bear and other characters in China market, I wished that it can make better use of them to theme the rides.

But overall, it is a fun park to go and we basically couldn’t even cover all of the family-friendly rides, even though the water play area was closed.

The staff are generally more helpful and informed than the other theme parks I have been to in China. (Probably because the service level in Xiamen is general better.) With that, I give it an overall 7/10.