It’s has been 15 years since I last visited this Vietnam capital and so much have changed since then. It is more commercialized now, but the city still do have its old world charm.

1) Visit a coffee shop…

…or one of the many boutique cafes and watch the world go by . Vietnam is famous for its coffee so you can try amazing concoctions like coconut coffee. If you dare, join the local at a street side coffee shop.


2) Learn how to cook Vietnamese dish

Vietnamese dishes uses a lot of spices and wonderfully delicious so it is definitely worth it  to learn!


3) Mong Bridge

This 100 year old in Ho chi Minh is a great place to watch the sunset. If you have more time, walk along the Saigon river for more surprises…


4) Visit a chic cafe at the cafe apartment

The Cafe Apartment which used to house officials has been converted into a building of cafes. A lot of young people hang out there and it’s a great place to watch the crowd at this pedestrian street call Nguyen Hue Street. A broad walking promenade in the middle of District 1 city centre, this pedestrian area is flanked by some beautiful French colonial architectural wonders like the People’s Comittee, the Rex Hotel and a luxury shopping mall. In front of the People’s Committee you find a statue of Ho Chi Minh and a fountain show by night.


5) Roam around everywhere

Ho Chi Minh has a lot buildings like schools with the French design influence infused with Chinese architecture. You never know what you will see.


6) Prawn fishing

Catch and cook your fresh prawns! I must admit I didn’t had time to go for this but my friends love this activity and very cheap too!


Enjoy yourself in Ho Chi Minh and stay safe!