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Don’t you just love the colours of Gamcheon Culture Village (Korean: 감천문화마을) is a town of Gamcheon-dong, Saha District, Busan, South Korea. 

The area is known for its steep streets, twisting alleys, and brightly painted houses, which have been restored and enhanced in recent years to attract tourism. Now this art district houses chic cafes, art galleries, and many Instagram-worthy spots.

Because it was built on such a steep mountain-side slope, the Village has been nicknamed the “Machu Picchu of Busan.


If the weather is hot, and you have whining kids, you are left with the choice of going to a boring shopping mall or exploring this place, what should you do?

Here are some handy tips:

🌞We went in summer which is just too unbearable frankly! It is probably 38-40degrees Celsius. Take a lot of ice cream stops! Despite the heat, it was still pretty crowded and some were even in Hanbok (traditional korean dress!).

🌞There’s a lot of slopes and stairs. Take it easy with kids. You probably need at least half a day or even a day if you want to take it slow.

🌞Start from the top and go all the way down. It’s slightly easier on the kids.

🌞there are a few recommended routes. Use them!

🌞buying the map is a must! Get stamps along the way which kids will love to find. You can redeem souvenirs if you complete most of them. 

🌞not all houses are tourists sights. Some are residential, respect people’s privacy. 

🌞My kids love exploring maps, so use it to teach map reading rather than leading them. 

🌞let them lead the way because you may find cool hidden gems! It’s okay to backtrack because you have to see things from different perspective to enjoy the whole of gamcheon! 

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