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DC5F9F4C-C1AC-4A27-AB21-E03242E45299This is probably one of my favourite spot in Gam Cheon culture village in Busan. The Book staircase has several famous books painted on steps to make it look like a bookcase. Even the walls is painted like a bookshelf. Bookworms must visit this place and maybe read a book there!

👉 try to cover every part of GamCheon if you can. There’s lot of hidden gems and beautiful spots which you can discover

👉 Use all these hidden gems as ispy games for your kids. Even as an adult, I enjoy exploring them.

👉 A lot of art are actually on the steps and you have to see it from a different perceptive to get what it is! What a great way to teach your children empathy! You have to see things from other people’s point of view to understand them.

Leading to Cheon Deok Su’s Well and hidden in a little corner of the village, this spot is super Instagram-worthy. If you like Harry Potter  it is a bonus.

Love the art installations at Gamcheon culture village that is why we stayed for more than half a day even though it was very hot during summer.

The colours are amazing so make use of it for your instagram pictures! From the walls to the staircases, from the houses to statues, there are just so many pictures to take.

Some photography tips using smartphone:

👉 take pictures from angles like near the wall, from the wall or on the railing.

👉 use the portrait mode on your smartphone to get a different perspective.

👉 use rule of third to compare your pictures.

share with me your photos and we would love to feature some of them on our IG.

Can you guess why I am on top of the Harry Potter step? Click here to find out the answer. 

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