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Notre Dame Cathedral of Saigon is probably Ho Chi Minh’s most iconic architecture. Unfortunately, it was under restoration then. It is always crowded so it is not easy to get a photo without people.

👉 Tip of parents: Snatch theft still happens in the city so hold on tight to your phones especially when you are busy with your children and at night. (Happened to my friend so it can be rather shocking!)

👉 they come by in motorbike so it’s difficult to chase after them.

👉 be aware! Do not use your handphone while walking or busy with your kids. look around before you use your hand phone and use a ring holder so you can tighten your grip on your hand phone.

I did ask the locals does this happen. Yes it does sometimes and HCM is infamous for that. There is also very little what the police can do so that’s why it is still happening. If you have insurance, a police report can help claim back what you lost.

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