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Is Basilica Sagrada Familia in Barcelona suitable for children?


Is Basilica Sagrada Familia suitable for children? Audio guides for kids?

Basilica Sagrada Familia is an artistic architecture marvel which I feel is very inspiring for children. Let them understand different style of art using this amazing church.

If you haven’t been there, this church is very different from any other church like the Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica of Saigon or France.

We love the natural lights inside Basilica Sagrada Familia.


Use paranomic on your phone to capture the whole church. You can use an app call re-touch to remove any headless people… 😂

Some tips for family before entering the Sagrada Familia:

👉 buying tickets online to Sagrada Familia is a must! It’s nearly impossible to get a ticket on the spot. (You are advised to buy from the official website)

👉buy early so you can choose your preferred time to avoid kids’ lunchtime or nap time, etc. you don’t want grumpy kids

👉 there’s a separate entry for kids with stroller. (In general, the queue is shorter.)

👉kids younger than 2 are not allowed up the tower. (Adults probably have to take turns to go up.)

Statue of Golden Jesus overlooking the city of Barcelona in Sagrada Familia

Statue of Golden Jesus overlooking the city of Barcelona in Sagrada Familia

Some tips for parents when exploring Basilica Sagrada Familia:


The place can be very crowded and daunting if you have very young children. Be creative because there are fun things you can do with your kids.

👉 the facade is full of animals and fruits. One of the beautiful gates have insects and creatures on them. Great for I-spy games.

👉 I feel the audio guide is very informative but rather lengthy for kids. It may be suitable for children above 8 years old. You can prepare and research a little so you can explain to them in shorter and simpler terms.

👉 Bring your spare camera phone and organize a photography competition amongst everyone. You will be amazed what they can spot in this amazing place.


So inspired that they were looking out Gaudí inspired building when they are back in Singapore.

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