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Mercat de La Boqueria is a famous market located in El Raval with an entrance to the market from La Rambla. It provides a wide variety of fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds, sweets as well as meat, fish, cheese and dairy.

The chocolate and sweets look amazingly attempting isn’t it, especially for kids!

I am not a fan of seafood so we didn’t try any; wouldn’t want to risk it.

If you are traveling with children, here are 6 things you should take note of when you visit Mercat de La Boqueria.

👉 La boqueria a bit touristy but still worth a visit because of the variety of food it offers.

👉 be careful of your wallets. Pickpockets may be looking out where you are taking your money from. 

👉 there’s no seats to eat your food so you may have to walk as you eat! If not, I suggest you buy and bring them back to eat at your room if you have kids. Alternatively, find a place at the park to eat as you relax.

👉 just outside this market, there are many alfresco cafes selling quite reasonably priced food. This is to bait you to buy their beers and fancy drinks at an exorbitant price. Check before you buy! 

👉 the food owners tend to sell cheaper at the end of the day! But of course, it won’t be as fresh as what it was in the morning!

👉 it’s closed on certain days as well as public holidays. Check the schedule before going.


Entrance of Mercat de La Boqueria.

Of course, these are just my own opinions! To be fair, I wasn’t pickpocketed since I am always looking out for myself and family. It is just an occupational hazard as a magician.

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