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You don’t need to learn how to pose at Shapowei Art Zone in Xiamen City, China.

Sha po wei is like no other area in Xiamen. It is not under the radar of usual touristy sights. 

There is a unique culture here that is easy to see and feel. Since this is near the famous Xiamen University, a lot of the undergraduates do hang out around here. 

If you are interested in how the locals relax and have a good time, you will definitely not be disappointed. 


Why should you visit Shapowei Artzone with your family?

👉 there are many amazing cafes here. Some faces the sea which is great to people watch and have a relaxing day. Some cafes has a play area for kids. I saw one which has a slide from the 2nd floor to 1st.

👉 the souvenir shops are worth a look. Every weekend, local artists come here to sell their wares. That’s where we spotted the cat. Children love animals so this is like an attraction.

👉 As the name imply, the art zone has some Instagram worthy art installations! Spend a few hours to explore the place slowly. It is only on my 2nd visit that I realized missed so much. 

👉 There are also street performances as well as venues having regular events there.

👉 there are a lot of interesting food, old and new ones. Look out for the snaking queues (which may get sold out early) or places which are crowded! 

Of course, it is free to visit and roam around this chic street! It’s just a pity that the both times I visited Shapowei, it rained! So bring an umbrella too!

Address: No. 60 Shapowei, Xiamen. (It is a zone, taxi drivers will ask you where to drop, there isn’t really an entrance of exit.)

There are no subway nearby so I suggest you take a taxi there.