The amazing Plaza de España is the most famous square in Seville. 

The amazing Plaza de España is the most famous square in Seville.

Several buildings were designed for the Ibero-American exhibition of 1929 in and around the Maria-Luisa Park. Aníbal González designed this Spanish square, which is in Spanish Renaissance style with a diameter of 200 metres. Spain’s goal with the exhibition was to make symbolic peace with its former American colonies.

The shape of Plaza de España is a semi-circle, surrounded by a row of buildings that today are, for the most part, used as government institutions. There are two tall towers on the flanks of the square.

Other fixtures of the square are the large fountain in the middle and the round canal with the many cute bridges.

Why is Plaza de España fun for children?


👉You can rent a boat and sail through the canals.

👉 There is usually a busker playing with bubbles which kids love

👉 it’s a big space for kids to run around.

👉 the 52 benches and mosaics depict all 52 Spanish provinces like Madrid and Barcelona. Make it game for kids to play while learning about Spain.

👉 it’s always open!

👉 it’s free.

Together with the Real Alcazar, these 2 are a must to visit in Seville.