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Hong ya cave in chongqing

Hong ya cave in chongqing

The nightscene and Hong ya cave in Chongqing are amazing sights at night in this city

This beautiful structure (Hongya cave) in Chongqing is a re-creation of how houses are built on the side of the hills. 

👉 Of course, Hongya Cave is a must go for any tourist in Chongqing. However, the place is a little commercialized with mainly souvenir shops and restaurants but still a beautiful sight. The place is more crowded at night as Chongqing is famous for its night scene.

👉 Hotpot is a must try in Chongqing however, the restaurants around here are massively expensive and not authentic accordingly to locals.

👉 even if you can take spicy food, go for the mildly spicy level which is very very hot. Even if I tried to raise the chili off in water, I had a burning stomach which kept me awake at night. 

👉 Go Eling Park (鹅岭公园) at night where you can go up the Liangjiang Pavilion at the top of the hill to look at the nightscene of Chongqing city.  This is also where Testbed2 (二厂创意公园)is located. 

👉 take the night scene as a Live Photo for night scene and swipe up and choose long exposure.

👉 try to take the subway here to beat the jan at night. Follow the crowd and walk from Jiefangbei, another famous sight, to Hongya Cave. The subway is another interesting sight because it is goes over the river and right into the mountains. The stations are super deep because of the terrain of this city.


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