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Tianjin eye (天津之眼) is a big Ferris wheel built above the Yongle Bridge over the Hai River in Tianjin, China.

Some facts about Tianjin eye (天津之眼)

🎡 the only one in the world which is built on the bridge.

🎡 110 meter in diameter

🎡 48 capsules which has 360 view

🎡 each capsule takes up to 8 people

🎡 each ride takes 28min

🎡 assuming there is no fog on a clear day, you may see up to 40km of the city when you are peak of the Ferris wheel?

Is it worth it to go up the Ferris Wheel, Tianjin Eye.(天津之眼)

👉 queues can be very long especially on weekends as it is a popular tourist sights among the locals.

👉 You can buy tickets beforehand through wechat.(search for 天津之眼 official page on your wechat app. You can click on this link which is copied from wechat app.) However, the  page is all in chinese and you need wechat pay. Ask a friendly local to help with this. You have to select the time you want to go via this option. Another way is to book through 3rd party vendors or travel agency.

Tianjin eye In the evening sky

Tianjin eye In the evening sky

👉 most agree that the night scenery is better than day scenery, partly due to pollution. When the night sky lights up, it is much more beautiful.

👉 it is not the biggest Ferris wheel in China nor the world. Singapore Flyer is bigger. Go only if you have the extra time.

👉 it can take 8 people per capsule so it’s not a big one and may need to share with another family.

👉 each cycle takes about 30min so it can be rather boring for toddlers or very young kids, with not much space to move or even run.

My take is that go only if you have extra time! Kids older than 5 years old will probably enjoy it more!

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