Zhongshan 4 lu (中山四路)chongqing art district.

Zhongshan 4 lu (中山四路)chongqing art district.

After visiting Beijing’s 798 Artzone, we fell in love with the art districts in China. We always make it a point to explore similar places.

This is in Chongqing’s Zhongshan 4 Lu and it’s not on TripAdvisor or tourist map.

This art street has lots of graffiti and sculptures to see because it’s near a prominent art university.

Zhongshan 4 lu (中山四路)chongqing art district.

There’s offices and galleries at Zhongshan 4 lu (中山四路)chongqing art district.

It’s not crowded yet many Instagram worth spots.

Tips when visiting Art district of Chongqing City, Zhongshan 4 Lu (中山四路)

Zhongshan 4 lu (中山四路)chongqing art district.

Zhongshan 4 lu (中山四路)chongqing art district.

🎨 It is easier to take a taxi there as there don’t seem to be any subway station near by

🎨 half a day is sufficient to explore this area. I suggest coupling this with another tourist attraction in Chongqing like the 3 gorges museum.

🎨 Though the choices of breakfast is limited there, we started our morning there with a dumpling restaurant housed in a beautiful building. Recommended!

🎨 there’s many remains of pre-war buildings with rich history along the street which are worth a visit. A great history lesson for your kids too. For example,  Guiyuan, Zhou’s Mansion, Dai’s Mansion and Zhang Xiang’s Mansion which have stories of how they resist against foreign invaders.  From 1937 to 1942, during five years of “indiscriminate bombing” of the Japanese invasion into China, the former site of the National Government Presidential Palace functioned as the command center of the World Anti-Fascist League in China.

🎨 There are quite a few art supply shops around so if you are into art, do detour to do some shopping.

🎨 look around for art installations. Eg fire hydrants. You may find interesting things which are subtle yet beautiful.

🎨 enter the university because it has many Instagram worthy sculptures inside the campus.

🎨 The campus is after all a school so do respect the rules inside.