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二厂创意公园 testbed, Artzone in chongqing.

二厂创意公园 testbed2, Art District in chongqing.

二厂创意公园 Testbed2, an Art District in Chongqing is another hidden gem in the China city! Many people do not know this place and there are not much information on this in English, so I hope this travel blog post is helpful.

This area used to house printers. Art galleries and related arts industry like animation companies and movie production companies moved into this abandon industrial area. Most of the old factory ‘furnishings’ are not removed, hence the building retains a sense of history.

Combination of the old and new helped to revive this place and changed it into a hippy art zone. Though not big, this place now houses interesting cafes and art-related offices. providing hip places for customers to chill out. There are also ice cream Parlour and bars.

There’s even a hostel at this place if you want to stay here.

Many young people like to go there for Instagram-worthy corners.

5 reasons to visit 二厂创意公园 testbed2

🎨 Go in the late afternoon or evening where it is not so hot and enjoy dinner at one of the few cafes there.

🎨 It’s about a 20min’s walk up the top of Eling Park (鹅岭公园). You can go up the Liangjiang Pavilion at the top of the hill to look at the nightscene of Chongqing. Chongqing is famous for its nightscene so it’s definitely worth the climb (or taxi) up.

🎨 it’s free to enter.

🎨 the nearest subway, Lianglukuo or Eling station, is 15-20min’s walk up the hill. You can take a bus up, but I recommend this option only if you can speak Chinese. The bus stop for this place is not obvious and the place to take it may not be easy to find. Taxi is recommended if you are with children. Maybe a walk down would be easier if you follow locals via the park and staircase.

🎨 You can also go early to enjoy a relaxing day at the Eling park. It has a swan lake, beautiful bridges, sculptures and more.

Address: Eling Main Street No.1, Yuzhong District, Chongqing, China

If you enjoy Testbed2, you will probably enjoy Zhongshan 4 lu also in Chongqing where you will see street art, historical buildings and many sculptures.