2D8FA2A2-9963-46A5-B111-4A09563D01C3What we love about Singapore is that there are playgrounds and parks everywhere! Having visited many countries, we realised that these playgrounds are like not given! Some countries like Spain do have a lot of playgrounds, but the variety in Singapore is just amazing!

✅These playgrounds are free to visit and has lots of surprises.
✅The playgrounds are of different designs and sizes!

✅ Opened 24 hours

✅ the 1st 3 Recommended playgrounds are quite centrally located

1. Jubilee Park (Fort Canning Park)

Overhead bridge to Jubilee Park fort canning.

Overhead bridge to Jubilee Park fort canning.

This new playground was completed in 2019. Located at the base of Fort Canning Hill, you will see it once you step out of the Fort Canning MRT exit B. It is just opposite Liang Court, which closed for renovation in March 2020.

What is so special about the Jubilee Park playground?

🐾 A huge sand pit which was lacking in most neighborhood playgrounds!

🐾 Swings are all kinds for all ages. There are also dozens of garden swing for couples or family to sit down at.

🐾 There are several long slides of different designs. (Two of them closed after the opening, probably due to safety issues.)

🐾 Balance and climbing play area made of logs blends naturally into the Fort Canning background which is fun for kids to jump and monkey around. 

🐾 Giant see-saws!

🐾 Trampoline lookalike play area – At least, I think it is. Because it is built in an outdoor environment, the jump factor is nothing like Bounce Inc.

How to get there:

By MRT: Alight at Fort Canning Station (Exit B)

Driving: Carpark along Penang Road

2. Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park

Bishan-Ang Mo Kio park is long, I think about 1km long split into 2 by Marymount road. It has 2 playgrounds which are interesting! There is even a water park!

What is so special about the Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park playground?

🐾 My kids’ favourite is the digger! I have not seen this anywhere before! If you have a digger, then you got to have sand! Lots of sand play.

🐾 Remember that good old merry-go-round which we used to play? This is one of the few playgrounds which has one.

🐾 Inclusive playground– The merry-go-round is wheelchair friendly. There’s even a swing for wheelchair bound kids or adults!

(the above playground is the one nearer the dog run)

🐾 There’s rock climbing wall. (N.B. This is at nearer the pond part.)

Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park playground

Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park playground

How to get there:Driving: There’s 3 car parks along Ang Mo Kio Ave 1.

3. Tiong Bahru Park (Tilting train playground)


The pictures tells it all! The tilting train playground is one-of-a-kind in Singapore. It’s like a wobbly train trying to balance itself s What a brilliant design!

This playground is recommended by our friends on Instagram, Raising Little Travellers. They wrote also their favourite  playground blog, do check it out.

What is so special about the tilting train playground?

🐾 the highlight is the tilted train which is like an obstacle course inside. Balance yourself as you get through to the front to the end and then zoom down one of the slides!

🐾This is one of the few places in which children can play with sand. (Yes you noticed we love sand!)

🐾 a mini maze

🐾 a zip line – there’s a single and quite popular zip line!

How to get there:

By MRT: 5min’s walk from Tiong Bahru MRT

Driving: Carpark at the Junction of Lower Delta Road and Tiong Bahru Road

4. West Coast Park

The playground is huge here! In fact, it is made up of several playgrounds to make it one of Singapore’s largest playground.

What is so special about West Coast Park Playground?

🐾 there’s just so much to play!

🐾ziplines, 5 of it!

🐾 It is right by the West Coast beach so it makes it a beautiful playground with a sea view.

How to get there

Driving: Carpark along West Coast Highway

5. Admiralty Park Playground.

I must admit, we haven’t been to the last recommendation but judging from the photos, you can see how fun it is! It was just completed this year and we wanted to go when the crowd dies down. However, when covid19 stuck, we haven’t gone anywhere far yet.

I hope you enjoyed going to these playgrounds and parks when you are in Singapore. If you love parks, then Botanic Gardens (though there isn’t a major playground there.) is another top choice for us.