The underrated Changi Beach Park in Singapore is relatively untouched and not crowded park / beach like East Coast Park or Botanical Gardens! We came because we saw another instagrammer’s photos of amazing marine life.

When we went in the early morning at about 8:30am, it was relatively quiet, just 1-2 families there enjoying the beach. There are not many joggers or cyclists too.

How to spot the marine life at Changi Beach Park.

We see a lot of instagrammers catching photos of amazing marine animals during low tide.

Was hoping to find some marine animals like horseshoe crab but we only managed some crabs, sea snails and various types of seaweeds. Beautiful nevertheless!

  • Check out the tidal times at the Changi Beach Park. Low tides of less than 0.6m is better to see marine creatures because you can then walk on the plains. The lowest tide that day was 0.73 but what we saw was limited.
  • The low tides tends to be very early morning or night so bring a flashlight!
  • Some animals may be hidden among the seaweeds. Look slowly and carefully.
  • Some animals like mud crabs may be inside the sand so be very careful where you step.
  • Wear shoes and be safe!
  • Do not attempt to remove any of the marine animals and treat them with care. Leave only footprints and take only photos.

Address: Nicoll Dr, Singapore 498991

How to get there: There are no MRT nearby. You can take bus number 9, 19 or 89 from Tampines /Pasir Ris MRT station. There are plenty parking lots there.

Changi Beach Park is near the SAF Ferry Terminal where recruits has to take the penguin ferry to Pulau Tekong.