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Palacio de San Telmo in Seville, Spain is very beautiful but there are 3 things to take note of before going to San Telmo Palace. Yes, that’s wifey carrying the baby as she plow through Palacio de San Telmo.

The San Telmo Palace was built in 1682 to house the Seminary of the Mareantes University. In 1849 it became the residence of the Dukes of Montpensier, who undertook major renovation work, including completing the north tower and building the mounting block entrance hall, the east wing and the ballroom. The new rooms are stuccoed and were gilded by Pelli and Rossi, whilst the walls are hung with paintings from the Vista Alegre Palace. The ballroom ceilings were decorated by Rafael Tejeo.

This is one of the most beautiful buildings in Seville. It has a rectangular floor plan with four towers and a large central courtyard.

🏰 Entry by appointment only.

🏰 Bags are not allowed and there’s no cloaking room.

🏰 Heels are not allowed in some rooms.

Otherwise, it is still beautiful admiring it from the outside. Photo is taken using an iPhone panoramic mode.