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Have you visited a chocolate factory before? We visited Republic of Chocolate in Taoyuan, Taiwan several years ago and we enjoyed it tremendously. Most tourists to Taiwan will skip Taoyuan and go direct to Taipei. However, this hidden gem is amazingly fun.

The 3-storey factory is spacious and has lots of spaces for kids to run around. Because it is not a major tourist attraction, it was relatively quiet when we went. However, I heard they frequently welcome school groups, explaining the opening hours.

🍫Factory Tour – There is a guide tour to see how chocolate are manufactured at the factory

Republic of Chocolate Factory Tour

🍫 ‘Museum’ with fun facts about chocolate – Taiwan is very smart to convert factories into interesting exhibits and museums to attract tourists. I have visited quite a few in the country and it is very educational and fun.

🍫 Lots of Instagram worthy spots around

🍫 Hands-on chocolate making workshop – Child and adults can make (and eat) chocolate. This is probably the highlight of the trip. Cost of the chocolate is 200-250NT which you can off-set from the entrance ticket.

🍫 Buy lots of chocolate – It is a local brand which probably most us have never seen before but obviously chocolate lovers will be spoilt for choice with the variety available.

To go or not to go Republic of Chocolate

Distance of the Chocolate Factory

Taoyuan is about 30-60min from Taipei where most of the tourist attractions are. So if you were to travel all the way for this chocolate factory, you may be wasting at least 2 hours on travelling.

  • Address: No. 177, Qiaokeli Street, Bade District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan 334
  • Opening Hours: Tuesday to Friday, 09:30~18:00
  • Adult Tickets: NTD 200 (a coupon of NTD 100 is included)
  • Child Ticket: NTD 100 (a coupon of NTD 50 is included), Available for children from age 4 to 12, senior citizens aged 65 and above, and persons with a valid handicap certificate.

Republic of Chocolate is not exactly the most accessible place by public transport. It is much more convenient if you have a private car.

If you have a half-day in the morning before your afternoon or evening flight at Taoyuan International Airport, then pop by this place for some souvenirs and activity before you leave.

Language of the Communication

The tour and workshops are conducted in Chinese so if I would recommend if your family can speak Chinese or understand the language.