What is the Magical Travel Journal about?

my poster was everywhere in Inner Mongolia

That’s me with my big poster at Shangri-la Hotel in Huhhot, Inner Mongolia

Hi, my name is Kien, aka Mr Bottle. Practically, my whole life revolves around children! I am a children venue consultant (I love to make a place more kids-friendly and in turn translate to more sales for the place) and kids entertainer and magician from Singapore.

I love to travel and perform around the world. During my work, I will take the chance to explore different places and make friends. It helps when I know magic or is known as the travelling magician in the city. I will share tips so you can get the best deals and go must-go places as well as to do things which are not so conventional!

Due to the industry which I am in, I am very into attractions and theme parks. I go into the extend of studying the technology behind each ride. Certain posts may have a certain skew towards reviewing theme parks and secrets of certain attractions. In fact, my dream is to own a theme park!

Now I have 3 children so I take advice from them on how to make something fun! Hence some posts will be more family based.

I love to draw so I see things during my travels in a different light.

As I travel to China quite regularly, understanding the culture and knowing language, I hope to provide some advice, fill up the gaps which local travel sites may not provide by giving some insights to this beautiful country!

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