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Why would I recommend magic shops anyone?

Firstly, the shop I am introducing is none other than Fantasma shop. It’s on 34th and 7th Ave (level 2), near Penn Station and Madison Square Gardens, home of the New York Knicks.

It is like a museum because you get to see the very first costume of Ronald McDonalds and other famous magicians like Doug Henning, etc.

First Costume of Ronald McDonalds

Doug Henning’s?

You can to see very cool gadgets, toys and of course magic. I did my magic here too!

There’s live rabbit here too! Another good reason why kids must come!!!

So much to see!! Roger Dreyer, the CEO of Fantasma, gave me a plush rat… đŸ˜› scary!

If you want to watch Mickey Mouse perform magic, you can come here too!

There’s another magic shop just round the corner at 6th Ave. However, unless you know where it is, it’s impossible to find it as there’s no clue of it. It’s Louis Tannen‘s. home of Tarbell.