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EDB176B4-46C7-42D6-B8FF-122F15937E81.jpegThis is not your usual Legoland, universal studio (though you can find a Universal lookalike globe), Disneyland or even happy valley kind of theme park. This mish mash theme park in Vietnam is so unique that it is definitely worth a trip down if you happen to be in Danang.


I went to Ba Na Hills in April which is the hot season but the park was crowded with tourists.

The entrance gate is like Chinese palace gates. Some buildings are shaped like Hoi An.

Cable car

One of the attractions is the cable car. Ba Na Hills are equipped with 5 cable car routes, which smashed world records and won international awards with the accumulated capacity of nearly 7,000 passengers/hour and manufactured by Doppermayer. The route is scenic in which you can see waterfalls and rivers along the way.

French Village

Due to Vietnam 100 years old French colonization, it makes sense for a Vietnamese theme park to reenact an old fashioned and tranquil France lined with recognizable classical landmarks such as the square, church, town, old village and inns. Most of the street performances are located here. We saw some poi spinning, dance, music performances, human statues and other roving performers.

This is the place where you can find most of the hotels and restaurants.

Fantasy Park

In the French village area, you can also find Fantasy Park. The largest indoor game zone of Vietnam includes countless games, recreations and sports for families. Guess what, it’s all FREE! Play acarde until you go crazy! If you could never finish Time crisis, come here and do it. Never can dance dance revolution because you malu that you end in the first song, do this here.

Kiddy rides are also free and there’s an indoor playground for toddler and children too! Cleanliness is probably not the best though!

The Jurassic Park is great for children to experience like-real animatronic dinosaurs.

There’s also a wax museum in which lifelike figurines are modeled after prominent figures worldwide but additional fees apply.

Gravity roller coaster

This is probably one of the highlights of the theme park. There’s 2 different types. As the name implies, gravity pulls you down and you actually can control the speed of it by releasing the brakes! It’s like luge with tracks. Frankly, it’s my first time doing this so it was an interesting experience.

Golden Bridge

This is probably the most instagramable bridge in the world now! I wished I can brought along my drone to take photos of this! It is man made but what a brilliant design.


There are many instagram friendly gardens which you can take photos of. There’s even a maze, like a real maze, not the-easy-just-get-out type.


In Vietnam, Pagodas are temples and there are also worth a look in the theme parks since this is really much Vietnamese culture.

Food and transport advice

Be prepared to spend a full day there at this theme park. Bring lots of water. On other seasons, some people told me that this place is actually cool.

As with any theme park, food and water are generally expensive so be prepared. I see some good reviews on the buffet which seems value-for-money if you were to compare the ala carte prices, especially if you are hungry.

Best way to get there: Grab. You can also check with your hotel for the costs of transport and compare.