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Burj khalifa At sunset

Burj khalifa At sunset

Burj Khalifa, the  world’s tallest building is a must go if you are in Dubai. We went up there twice, once when it was first opened (in 2010 before we had kids…. I had some amazing photos if I can figure out where I kept them) and recently last December.

We were surprised that 10 years after the opening of At The Top Burj Khalifa, it is still very crowded. Our children are obsessed with towers (we have been to petrona twin towers in Kuala Lumpur too) so we had to bring them.

However, it can be stressful to wait in line with children. Despite a time slot allocated to you, the wait to go up can be an eternity with children.

Here are some tips you should do if you are bringing your kids to At The Top Burj Khalifa.

👉 tickets must be bought online.
👉 bring books, toys and snacks to entertain the kids while waiting in line. Okay, iPad in this case is a life saving.
👉 if you have more than an adult, it is easier to take turns in the line.

👉 go for a meal at the restaurant of Armani Hotel Dubai,  the view is still amazing and you don’t need to hustle with the crowd.

👉 sunset is more crowded than other times. (It can even get crowded at Dawn.) I seriously doubt there is a time when it is NOT crowded!

👉 if you are photographing the traffic on the ground at night, mount your iPhone on some kind of stand, take a Live Photo and swipe up for long exposure.

Model of burj khalifa

Model of burj khalifa at a trip to Dubai in 2013.

Wish that Burj Khalifa will have sort of a waiting playroom for the kids while the parents wait in line.

Heard “On the Top” for sale! Maybe the new owners will do something about the queue!