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The iconic Motorcycle street art In George Town if Penang

The iconic Motorcycle street art In George Town in Penang

George Town is the colorful, multicultural capital of the Malaysian island of Penang. Once an important Straits settlement (with Singapore and Malacca), the city is known for its British colonial buildings, Chinese shophouses and mosques. Beyond the old town, George Town is a modern city with skyscrapers and shopping malls.Β 

The UNESCO heritage siteof George Town in Penang is like a treasure hunt for children.

How to do your treasure hunt for kids:

πŸ“œThere are so many different types street art to discover. Get a map from your hotel start your walking tour.

πŸ“œ give points for everything you spot on the map. Give bonus points for every street art NOT on the map.

πŸ“œ make it a fun teamwork for everyone to work together to find the street art.
πŸ“œ the trishaw can be quite an experience for children too! Book one especially if you have very young or elderly in your group.

πŸ“œ go into small lanes and beaten paths, you never know what you can find!

πŸ“œ look up! You sometimes find art in the most unexpected places. (Not all the art are listed on maps because there are pop artists creating new ones every now and then.)
πŸ“œ popular ones like this motorcycle in this picture make even has a queue during the peak periods.

πŸ“œ You will pass by boutique cafes in colonial houses along your route. Take lots of rests in between. (I would say, β€œwow! We just reached 38 points, it’s time for our 1 treat of ice cream.)

πŸ“œ split your treasure hunt into a few days if necessary!

πŸ“œ there are many unique one-of-kind museums like the upside down museum,Β Wonderfood museumΒ and Gold Museum, which are worth a visit.


use the trishaw when the kids get tired.

we have been there 3 times and we still discover new things there.