Chongqing China three gorges museum

Chongqing China three gorges museum

I have visited Chongqing a couple of times and I didn’t get to see the three Gorges Museum until my 3rd trip there.

On my 2nd trip, Derek Scott (a famous clown who used to be the guy in Slava snow show) and I were performing together for the Happy Valley International Magic Festival. Being one of the few magicians who can speak Chinese and English, he asked for directions to the 3 Gorges Museum in Chongqing. I have been to one at the 3 Gorges museum at the dam itself BUT I didn’t know about it at Chongqing city itself. I even tried to ask the hotel reception about it and nobody knew about it! This means this museum is another hidden gem to visit!

On the third trip, amazingly, we stumbled upon the museum!

6 reasons you must go to the Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum.

Although the outside of the museum isn’t eye-catching, the value of the exhibits inside makes it an interesting visit.

It is not that most kids-friendly museum in the world, but it is definitely informative.

Chongqing city people’s hall

Chongqing city people’s hall

🧳 Great Hall of the People,which is a beautiful Chinese-style building, is just opposite the three gorges Museum. Political and cultural events are held at this venue, modeled after Beijing’s Temple of Heaven. But save your 10¥ go inside the hall. The inside is just a theatre with lots of seats. It’s more spectacular outside than it is inside.

🧳 Chongqing China 3 Gorges Museum is free to enter.

🧳 the museum is huge, covering an area of 42,497 m2! We only had time to visit some of the exhibits since it wasn’t initially on our agenda.

🧳 The museum undertake education, preservation, and scientific research with respect to cultural heritage and the natural environment in Chongqing and the Three Gorges region of the Yangtze River. (Eg. You can learn about the different tribes which live at the 3 Gorges tribes)

🧳 a lot of the artifacts are items savaged from the 3 Gorges region when the dam was built. A lot of the villages had to be displaced because they were submerged underwater. I am glad that I get to see all these in one place. I didn’t manage to gain so much knowledge when I visited the dam itself.

🧳 There’s a model of the dam at the museum.