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I got a free rabbit from Sydney Airport for Easter!

Not all babies are made the same. So are planes! So don’t get a culture shock when travelling on lesser known airlines, budget air or internal flights. Frankly, my experience with other airlines are not comprehensive (afterall I am just baby!!!), so do comment and let me know your experience.

But the good thing is that I (baby) may not have to pay for my air tickets, at least I didn’t pay on my internal flights in America!

Food – Short-haul, non-budget, non-international flights do not usually serve food and you may have pay for them. Beverage is free though! Alcoholic drinks are also chargeable (and not recommended for kids)! Remember to pack some food for your little ones, even if the flight is short!

Old as Daddy or Granddaddy – Don’t expect the newest planes on internal flights. The planes can be old. Very old. You know times when smoking is okay on planes? Yeah, some planes still have those ash trays (of course, smoking is not allowed now)! Some window shades cannot be opened and some glass looked REALLY broken (not cracked, BROKEN!)!

Bring your Mileage Cards – Silver Status (or level 2 status on your mileage card) makes such a difference! For instance, we got a free baggage (which cost US$25) with mummy and daddy’s Silver Status on our Star AllianceĀ card on American Airline. This makes such a difference given that we have extra luggage because of me!

Mileage cards are widely accepted in hotels, car rentals, etc. So remember to clock them!

Travel Insurance – Lastly, always buy travel insurance! Delays may be more common than you think. Always be safe than sorry!

Did I scare you? It is not as bad as it seems! It’s the people whom you travel with that matters!