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Yup. Waterpark.

I have read as well as seen the pictures of the water park before but I never thought it can be one of the places they would bring us. I asked if there were alternatives, and the answer, no. So I went ahead, in fact, my guide was unwilling in the morning because he says it’s very rush since we have a show at 3pm. (in fact, more than enough time.)

I obviously didn’t bring my swimming trunks from Singapore, but ‘this is Korea, everything is provided.’ Apparently foreigners have to pay US$10 for the use of the pool, but it’s free for us since we are guests.

When we step into the entrance, there’s a really life-like statue of Kim Jong Il at a beach and we had to bow to him as we enter. (photos not allowed)

The place is what I read and saw. It is really really crowded because it is a holiday. Hardly any space for swimming, though I tried since I needed the exercise.


Some foreigners say this is one of the best places to go in Pyongyang because you get to interact face-to-face with the Koreans. One of the tourists says that the Koreans always let him go on the slide first since he is a foreigner.

IMG20180416113658a.jpgThe indoor area is heated whereas the outdoor area is closed (since it’s cold outside.) There were slides, jacuzzi, wave pool, cafe and even gym and sport facilities. See the video for more….

As we leave Water Park, we saw the promotion for Central Ballet Company from China and I told my guide how famous they are; which led to an amazing experience….