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Casa batllo

Casa batllo. Image credit: Instagram (MomentsofGregory)

Thinking of going to Antonio Gaudi’s Casa Batllo? Read this before going!

Barcelona is like architect’s playground. We are so awe stuck that we even took up a guided tour on Gaudi.

Guided tour on Gaudi And why it is not suitable for kids.

📜 The tour doesn’t bring you inside to any of Gaudi’s buildings, but it provides interesting nuggets of information of the famous Antonio Gaudi. as well as other famous architects of Barcelona. If that name rings a bell, it is because he is also the designer of the famous Sagrada Familia!

📜 It may not be that suitable for kids because the pace is rather structured and fast. I think the group even lost some people (adults) along the way because the guide was walking a little fast in the crowd.

📜 quite a bit of walking is needed.

📜 A lot of the info may be found the internet and most of the buildings are famous ones you may go to or past by like Casa Mila. It doesn’t bring you to the less famous Gaudi designed buildings like Casa Vicens and Palau Güell.

📜 The last stop is Sagrada Familia but you have to buy your own subway ticket just to get there.

Airwell of Casa Batllo

Airwell of Casa Batllo

After spending a week at Barcelona, you will definitely be amazed with this modernist architect. With so many amazing buildings to visit in this city, you are spoilt for choices. We decided on Casa Batllo despite the price.

Here are some tips when going to the iconic Casa Batllo of Barcelona!

👉 Book your tickets online ahead of time.We went in winter in January and there was a queue! I cannot imagine if it is the summer holidays!

👉 On the website, you can choose the time of entry. You can also check how crowded it is then. You can roughly see what times are ‘unpopular’ so it is easier to take photos.

👉 If buying tickets online is not an option, you can also make use of google to see if how crowded Casa Batllo is, to save your queuing time. (we queued a lot in Spain and it is NOT fun with a toddler in toll.) 

👉 Go first thing in the morning on a weekday. This is probably the least crowded timing.

👉 Buying tickets can be stressful and we already wasted a lot of money on wrong tickets. Be sure to buy the right ticket. But Casa Batllo’s website is relatively easy to navigate compared to others.

👉 Don’t follow the order of the audio guide. Go wherever there are less people. It’s easier to take photos without the crowd.

👉 There’s a lot of stairs. Although there’s a lift, it is reserved for the disabled and you do have to find a staff member who can help you if you want to the elevator. By default, you have to park your stroller on the ground floor.

Casa Batllo - can you see panda, raccoon or dragon in this building?

Casa Batllo – can you see panda, raccoon or dragon in this building?

👉 Antonia Gaudi’s designs are all inspired by nature. Let your children’s imagination run wild by letting them guess what flora or fauna they represent.

👉 the Augmented reality audio guide is pretty cool. Children will be amazed with it though most of the AR content are concentrated on the lower floors.