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We finally went to the Jurassic Mile at Changi Airport, after all the excitement about Singapore’s latest attraction. We read about it being overly crowded and wanted to avoid ‘people’ since it is still during “covid-19” times.

1. Walk or Bike at Jurassic Mile?

It depends on what your objectives are. If you and your family are there for some instagram worthy pictures, then I suggest that you walk. The dinosaurs are found every 100-250m so I imagine that it would be rather irritating if I were to get on and off our bicycle every 1-2minutes! There are also many information boards which children can learn about the dinosaurs. In other words, a stroll would be better if you want to discuss with your children about the dinosaurs. I love how they link each dinosaur to aviation facts of Changi Airport.

On the other hand, if you want to breeze through the exhibit on your bicycle and get experience the journey from Changi Airport to East Coast Park or Changi Beach park, or just to exercise, then bicycle would be a better choice.

2. What is the nearest Carpark to Changi Jurassic Mile?

If you are walking, the nearest carpark is Carpark 4A. (Terminal 4) The carpark on the 1st floor is ‘closed’, so you can park on level 2 near staircase 5. When you come out from the staircase, you are basically at the doorstep of Jurassic Mile!

You can also find lots of SGBike bicycles which you can rent using the App.

If you intend to rent a bike at GoCycling at HUB & SPOKE, Terminal 2 is probably the nearest. You can return them at any of the seven other GoCycling outlets across Singapore. (The most practical one being the one at East Coast Park C4)

Rental of kid bicycle  From S$6/hr  
Rental of adult bicycle  From S$8/hr  
Night rental packages available  S$16 (from 6.00pm to next day’s opening time) 
Full day rental package S$40 (24hrs for adults)
Walk-in rental Promo*  Weekday Free 2nd hour.
Weekend Free 3rd hour  
*T&Cs apply  

Other GoCycling outlets: 

  • East Coast Park C4  
  • Changi Beach Park C1  
  • Punggol Park  
  • Punggol Jetty (Coney Island)  
  • West Coast Park  
  • Jurong Lake Garden  
  • Pasir Ris Town Park  

Visit GoCycling.sg for more details.

3. How do I go via public transport?

If you are taking MRT, alight at T2 and go towards Hub and Spoke for the trail to Jurassic Mile. Alternatively, you can take a bus to Terminal 4.

Look out for the signs which lead you to Jurassic Mile.

4. Do I need to book tickets or slots online?

Jurassic Mile is completely free!

As of 2 Nov 2020, there is no need to book your timeslots before going to Jurassic Mile. (Before 2 Nov, due to safe management, Changi Airport do control the size of the crowd going there.)

5. Go during the off-peak timings.

I am not sure if there is an off-peak timing. When we went, it was raining (for the past 2 days) so we expected much lesser people. Though it wasn’t crowded, but there are still quite a number cycling in the rain and strolling down the Jurassic Mile in umbrellas.

By the way, my boy asked me, “Do brachiosaurus really drink water with its head underwater like that?” hahahahahaha….

6. Can I go at night?

Yes, Changi Jurassic Mile is opened 24 hours. In fact I recommend going at night. However, Hub & Spoke closes at 8pm so if you want to rent a bike for night cycling, go before that.

I did not go at night yet but hope to do so soon. You can see from the daytime pictures that the dinosaurs will be well-lit with colourful neon lights. There are spots which you can enjoy when the skies darken.

However, I am not sure if these dinosaur decor is just for Christmas or permanent.

7. Look out for bicycles!

The paths are rather narrow. When you are busy taking photos, be aware of bikes rushing by you.

Luckily, most of the bikers do know that many people are taking photos and tend to go at a slower speed. There are also spots which bikers need to dismount and push (but frankly most don’t.).

I would probably not let toddlers wander around on their own freely.

8. Is it pet-friendly?

I saw a few people walking their dogs there. I would definitely recommend having them on a leash since it is a shared path with bicycles.

9. Are golf balls still a worry?

After a few incidents of golf balls from Tanah Merah Country Club hitting visitors, Changi Airport has done a great job covering the top of the walkway. In other words, you are surrounded with nets and grills.

These pterodactyls hopefully will help catch those stray balls.

We saw a few golf balls on top of the net (terrible golfers!?). Though having the safety nets sort of gave me a claustrophobic feeling, I rather have a safe environment for my family to enjoy the Jurassic Mile, than us getting hit by projectiles!

10. Go to your washroom before you start your Jurassic Mile trail.

Terminal 4 is eerily deserted now. People are only going there for toilets.

The nearest toilet is at Terminal 4 of Changi Airport and there are no toilet facilities along the mile long (about 1.6km) dinosaur exhibit. If you are intending to walk to East Coast Park, it is about 2.5-3km before you see a toilet.

11. Bring snacks and water bottle

The trail is not long and can be easily completed in less than 30min one way.

However, there is no water dispenser on the way so water bottle is still a must, especially for a hot day. There is a water dispenser at Carpark 4A though.

What I love about Changi Jurassic Park

Though the dinosaurs do not have animatronics like those dinosaur planet in Thailand or dinosaur theme park in China, given that it is free, I totally love how Changi Airport has given life to what could be a boring walk with high walls from Changi Airport to East Coast Park.

There are details which make Jurassic Mile an interesting walk:

  • lenticular sticker of T-rex at entrance of Changi Jurassic Mile, which welcomes and gives you warning at the same time.
  • 3D stickers of control panels, cages and doors on the wall to make it as though it is a Jurassic Park facility.
  • Stegosaurus biting the country club’s flag
  • the baby T-rex beside the mummy Tyrannosaurus.
  • The “dinosaur overhead” sign makes you look up in the sky and the birds flying afar do look a little like pterodactyls. By the way, pterodactyls are NOT dinosaurs, but reptiles.
  • Pterodactyls biting the golf balls…. all in the name of good fun, of how golf balls invade the trail and vice versa.

If I were to make this dinosaur attraction more interesting, I will use 3D mapping and projections to make some parts of the walls come alive with moving dinosaurs! (I have organised many dinosaur themed events at malls and parties.)

Can’t get enough of dinosaurs?

If your children cannot enough of the dinosaurs, then I would recommend a STEM experience with some  fossil digging kits. In other words, kids can pretend they are palentologists by discovering their own dinosaur bones to assemble. My children had to much fun playing with them!

Mr Bottle’s Kids Party has a full series of dinosaur digging kit which is educational and fun.